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Lent 2022

Mar 2, 2022

The season of Lent in the Christian calendar begins March 2 (or 7) this year and runs through April 14 (or 15), depending your tradition.

In addition to a selection of books from the Wright Library collection, this year's curated bibliography also includes:

  • Lenten devotionals from Princeton Theological Seminary, 2015-2022 (print + online)
  • Ashes to Rainbows: A Queer Lenten Devotional, from Unbound and More Light Presbyterians: Features an array of voices and perspectives, thought-provoking theologies, and a new way to think about the time in which we call Lent.
  • Devocional de Cuaresma 2022 / Lenten Devotional 2022, from Unbound: Una Jornada Para Surcir - ¡Únase a nosotros esta Cuaresma para un devocional de cuaresma mujerista! Cada domingo de Cuaresma y durante toda la Semana Santa, publicaremos un devocional tanto en nuestro sitio web como en las redes sociales. / A Journey to Arise: A Mujerista Lenten Devotional - Join us this Lent for a mujerista lenten devotional! Each Sunday of Lent and throughout Holy Week, we will publish a devotional both on our website and social media.
  • Tread Lightly for Lent, from Presbyterian Mission, PC(USA): Available in English, Spanish and Korean. "The Presbyterian Hunger Program strives to walk with people in moving towards sustainable choices that restore and protect all of God’s children and creation. As people of faith, we seek to “serve and preserve” God’s world. However, some of our collective choices have led to a changing global climate, which translates to warmer temperatures, rising sea-levels, and severe storms, just to name a few. To turn this tide, we must commit to treading lightly on God’s Earth. In Lent, we slow down, take time, and examine our internal spiritual lives and the way we live out our Christian faith in the world around us. Our hope is that this Lenten calendar will be the beginning of actions intended to create more mindful behaviors throughout the year."