New from BrowZine: Email Notifications

Dec 19, 2022

Create your own bookshelf of favorite titles and catch new issues/articles as they become available with email notifications from your free BrowZine account.

While BrowZine has always tracked new articles in journals saved to My Bookshelf, now it's possible to receive an automated email alert with a summary of which journals have new articles available, similar to the example on the right.

Notifications can be configured to be received daily, weekly, or "off" to receive no email notifications. The default is weekly.

With a weekly email notification, emails will be generated and sent out Monday morning Central US time. The email alert journals which have added new articles within the last 7 days.

With a daily notification, the email is delivered each morning (Central US time) and is based in the morning and is based on the previous day's new article additions.

Articles included in notifications are those which have been assigned to an issue. This specifically excludes "articles in press."

Q: What happens if there are no new articles in a selected notification period?

A: If no new articles are added to followed journals within the selected time period, no email alert is sent.

Q: I have BrowZine on my iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device... will this email link into the apps?

A: No, the links will go to only which will render in a mobile optimized way on your mobile device with a similar look and feel as the mobile apps.

What about new books?

You can get email alerts through the library catalog about new books added to the library collection which match your searches.

Suggested viewing: Library Catalog: Saving your searches

When you're logged in to the library catalog, you can save searches with the click of a button, and mark any saved search to get email notifications about new titles in the collection that match your search.

Just log in, run a search, and click the button marked "Save as preferred search" on the search results page.

When you return to your patron record (My Account), you can click the "Preferred Searches" button to see your saved searches.

Click the box in the Mark for Email column next to any search you would like to receive an email notification about. Once a week, the library catalog system will check to see if there are any newly added titles in the collection that match your search. If there are any, it will send you an email. Make sure that your patron record information includes your current email address.