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New purchases: Bloomsbury e-books and collections

Jan 27, 2021

In an effort to continue expansion of the Library’s electronic offerings, the Library has purchased the Bloomsbury Publishing titles noted below.

Through the Theology and Religion Online Database, the current PTS community and alumni can now access the two most recent modules available: the T&T Clark Jesus Library and the Library of Catholic Thought (in addition to the T&T Clark Theology Library purchased previously). More information on this database can be found here: The e-book titles will appear in the Library catalog, and researchers can also access the modules directly in the Library’s Databases (A-Z) list: Theology & Religion Online.

Additionally, the Library is offering unlimited electronic access to 473 titles already owned in print. These collections are available to the current PTS community and alumni. Titles will be discoverable through the Library catalog or directly in the Library’s Databases (A-Z) list: Bloomsbury Academic E-Books.

  • Biblical Studies 2014
  • Biblical Studies 2017
  • Biblical Studies 2018
  • Biblical Studies 2019
  • Biblical Studies 2020
  • Biblical Studies Supplement
  • Theology 2013
  • Theology 2014
  • Theology 2017
  • Theology 2018
  • Theology 2019
  • Theology 2020
  • Theology Supplement
  • Rowan Williams and Herbert McCabe Theology