Non-Violence Workshop, 1962

Aug 7, 2020

For this #DigitalFridays spotlight comes a series of public lectures given in 1962 at Princeton Theological Seminary as part of a non-violence workshop.

  • Non-Violence as a Means of Ending Racial Segregation
  • A Dilemma in the Non-Violent Movement
  • Non-Violence and National Defense
  • The Theological and Philosophical Basis of Non-Violence

These recordings, from the Princeton Theological Seminary Media Archive, may be found in the Theological Commons digital library at the link below, as well as in the Research Guides and Summon.

Speakers include:

  • James Farmer
  • Bradford Lyttle
  • William Stuart Nelson
  • James Peck
  • Glenn E. Smiley

Three of the four lectures have searchable transcripts in addition to the audio recording.