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Thanks for celebrating with us!

Nov 10, 2016

Looking back at Theological Libraries Month 2016

Diverse voices and playful rainbows

Many of you left comments on the "What about the library has left an imprint on you?" #LibraryImpact poster(s) by the service desk during Theological Libraries Month – both positive and negative.

Some things you like more: clean, quiet spaces to read and study, friendly and helpful library and Brick Café staff, Reigner Reading Room programs, collections (books and other resources), lots of natural light, and (on sunny days at least) rainbows playing across the floors, walls and furniture.

Some things you like less: public events in the Iain R. Torrance Atrium at the center of the library and generally any noisy activity where you're seeking silence.

Diversity: Every voice can be heard in the silent pages of the books. Men, women, children, Black, White. Right here I can hear everyone & it's transformative.

Ph.D. student wins ATLA #LibraryImpact contest

Princeton Theological Seminary Ph.D. student JP O'Connor shared these kind words about the impact of the library in his life and won the American Theological Library Association's Theological Libraries Month contest this October. Thanks, JP!

While my official entry for #LibraryImpact is not creative, it is heartfelt in its entirety. The library at Princeton Theological Seminary provides a space for me to learn. The full nuance of “space” is an important one for me, especially considering my finicky, selective, perhaps even snobby, coffee shop preferences. I like to feel welcome in a space. I like to feel at home in a space. The full range of this abstract feeling can be concretely set in categories of cleanliness, hospitality, or familiarity. But these concrete categories don’t really do it for me. They don’t feel entirely honest. The truth is, I just love my library. I love it for the reasons above. It is clean way beyond any normal standards. The staff’s friendliness could easily put Starbucks to shame. I love it for the books it holds. Some of my favorites, some I have yet to meet. I love it for the people I see everyday. So, do I love it because of certain concrete categories? Or does my love for it cause me to see these categories more charitably? I am not sure. Perhaps both. Nevertheless, my gratitude extends to all those who contribute to making this beloved library space quite loveable.

Faculty Book Raffle

And congratulations to our weekly faculty book raffle winners! David P. Smith, MDiv student (Exploring the Bible, by Eric D. Barreto and Michael J. Chan); Robert Cella, MDiv student (Tolerance among the Virtues, by John R. Bowlin); Kerry-Ann DaCosta, MDiv student (Rethinking Celebration: From Rhetoric to Praise in African American Preaching, by Cleophus J. LaRue); and Charles Johnson, PhD student (Where the Gods Are: spatial dimensions of anthropomorphism in the Biblical world, by Mark S. Smith).