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Reference Desk Hours


Concourse, First Floor

Email or call (609) 497-7933

Desk Hours

  • Monday 12pm-5pm
  • Tuesday 8am-1pm
  • Wednesday-Saturday 9am-2pm

Princeton Seminary students, faculty and staff may also request an appointment.


Reference Collection

Research guides — including Biblical Studies, History & Ecumenics, Practical Theology, Religion & Society, and Theology — are available for the reference collection.

Comprised of nearly 10,000 volumes, the reference collection contains general tools frequently consulted in theological study: dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, almanacs, atlases, and handbooks. It features a broad array of bibliographical resources, including indexing tools, union lists, catalogs of specialized libraries, and national, trade, and subject bibliographies. Increasing the richness and value of the collection is the inclusion of primary texts essential to the Christian tradition and a core collection of Biblical commentaries. Included as well are certain texts which are so comprehensive in their treatment of a subject and so well indexed that they function as reference tools.

Reference books do not circulate and, if used outside of the reference area, must be returned to the reference reshelving cart when the patron leaves the library.