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Reigner at the Crossroads of Academia and Praxis - Issue 1 (Fall 2013)

Princeton Seminary’s best-kept secret may be its Reigner Collection. The Charles G. Reigner Education Reading Room, as it was known when it was on the Tennent campus, was named for Baltimore publisher and philanthropist Charles G. Reigner. Under the direction of the late Professor D. Campbell Wyckoff and Professor Emerita Freda Gardner, the Reading Room served the needs of the School of Christian Education and today serves the entire Seminary community.

Late PTS professor Donald Butler organized the library of about 5,000 volumes from the old Tennent College of Christian Education into the beginnings of a specialized Christian Education library when that college was relocated from Philadelphia to the Seminary campus in 1943. This Christian Education library was originally located in Roberts Hall on the Tennent campus. With the first of Charles G. Reigner’s gifts in 1947, the library was officially named The Charles G. Reigner Reading Room, moved to a large space in Tennent Hall, and in 2004 to the former Speer Library. It is presently located on the second floor of the new library.

The mission of Reigner is to acquire a wide range of materials related to the understanding and practice of the educational ministry of the church and to promote their use at the Seminary and in local churches. As such, Reigner is integral to the Education and Formation area of the Practical Theology Department as it prepares men and women for the educational ministries of the church.

Reigner reaches out to the Seminary community as well as to neighboring churches. For both the experienced and the novice church educator, the Reigner Collection is an invaluable resource for support and provides an introduction to the newest materials available.

It is particularly valuable for those doing work in Christian education or youth ministry; it includes current resources for children’s, youth, and adult ministries, and materials for all age groups from birth to senior adults. Bible studies, worship aids, multicultural resources, mission helps, audio and visual aids, pictures, picture books, puppets—you name it, we have it! Vacation Bible curricula of all major denominations and publishers are available for browsing. CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, slide sets, posters, and games may be borrowed.

Special curriculum events, teaching and learning seminars, and workshops are planned periodically for the Seminary community and the community at large.

Information about Reigner’s holdings is available through the Seminary library’s online catalog. The Princeton Theological Seminary Library website

Christian Education Librarian, Sarita Ravinder, can assist in locating and recommending resources, in person, by email or phone: 609-497-7915.