Library Catalog: Saving your searches


Library Catalog: Saving your searches


A brief screencast and transcript about how to save a search (Preferred Searches) in the library catalog, Sierra (WebPAC).

Video: (Running time: 00:01:09)


When you're logged in to the library catalog, you can save searches with the click of a button, and mark any saved search to get email notifications about new titles in the collection that match your search.

Just log in, run a search, and click the button marked "Save as preferred search" on the search results page.

When you return to your patron record (My Account), you can click the "Preferred Searches" button to see your saved searches.

Click the box in the Mark for Email column next to any search you would like to receive an email notification about. Once a week, the library catalog system will check to see if there are any newly added titles in the collection that match your search. If there are any, it will send you an email. Make sure that your patron record information includes your current email address.

Even if you don't use the Mark for Email box, you can click a saved search link in the Preferred Searches area to easily re-run the search in the catalog.​​​​​​​

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