Disability: Selected reading and recordings

Jul 12, 2021

Explore recordings from the 2018 Disability and Youth Ministry Conference at Princeton Seminary, articles by Erin Raffety, a set of links from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD), and many books in the Princeton Theological Seminary Library collection.

Click on the link at the bottom of this post or the image of the book covers to jump to the curated bibliography.

Titles include:

  • Accessible atonement : disability, theology, and the cross of Christ by David McLachlan;
  • Ageing, Disability and Spirituality: addressing the challenge of disability in later life by Elizabeth MacKinlay, editor;
  • Amazing Gifts: stories of faith, disability, and inclusion by Mark I. Pinsky;
  • Becoming Friends of Time: disability, timefullness, and gentle discipleship by John Swinton;
  • Body and Character in Luke and Acts: the subversion of physiognomy in early Christianity by Mikeal C. Parsons;
  • A Constructive Theology of Intellectual Disability: human being as mutuality and response by Molly C. Haslam;
  • Critical Reflections on Stanley Hauerwas' Theology of Disability by John Swinton;
  • Disability and Christian Theology: embodied limits and constructive possibilities by Deborah Beth Creamer;
  • Disability and Isaiah's Suffering Servant by Jeremy Schipper;
  • Disability in the Hebrew Bible: interpreting mental and physical differences by Saul M. Olyan;
  • Formed together : mystery, narrative, and virtue in Christian caregiving by Keith Dow;
  • Get off your knees: a story of faith, courage, and determination by John Robinson;
  • The Minority Body: a theory of disability by Elizabeth Barnes;
  • Persons with disabilities and their sense of community as members of a local congregation by John McKeague;
  • Spirit and the Politics of Disablement by Sharon V. Betcher;
  • Spirituality and Intellectual Disability: international perspectives on the effect of culture and religion on healing body, mind, and soul by William C. Gaventa, Jr., David L. Coulter, editors;
  • Theology and Down Syndrome: reimagining disability in late modernity by Amos Yong;
  • This Abled Body: rethinking disabilities in biblical studies by Hector Avalos, Sarah J. Melcher, Jeremy Schipper, editors; and
  • Wondrously wounded : theology, disability, and the body of Christ by Brian Brock

...among many others.