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See also: How to Log In to HathiTrust (above) and Controlled Digital Lending (below)

Controlled Digital Lending

"Controlled Digital Lending is the library practice whereby a library owns a book, digitizes it, and loans either the physical book or the digital copy to one user at a time."

For an animated illustration of this practice, watch Controlled Digital Lending Explained.

Watch Controlled Digital Lending at Princeton Seminary for a short demo of borrowing digitized books.

Summon Tutorials

YouTube Playlist: Library Instruction / How-To Videos

The playlist below includes Alumni Resources Overview; Atla Religion Database Tutorial; Religion Database Tutorial; Self-Service Features in Summon; Library Catalog Login; Library Catalog: Mobile Versions; Library Catalog: Saving your searches; Library Catalog: SMS Alerts; Adding Wright Library to Google Scholar Settings; Freely Available Preaching Resources; and Exploring The Earl Palmer Collection, among others.

Library Lectures

YouTube Playlist: Library Lectures / Presentations

The playlist below includes: Adventures in the Seminary Library Land (Karlfried Froehlich); Light and Delight: from Tradition to Innovation in the New Library at Princeton Theological Seminary (Rayford Law); Faith and Politics: Religion on the 2016 Campaign Trail (Elizabeth Dias); Down to Earth: The Bible and Environmental Ethics (Jacqueline Lapsley); The Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict (Justin Farrell); Exploring the Healing Power of Gratitude (Laura Bratton); and Light in Darkness: Images of Evil and Redemption in Hitchcock's Films (C. Clifton Black).

The links below go to individual pages that include transcripts.

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