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Trials and Pilot Projects

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The library is dedicated to supporting the Seminary community's study, research, and teaching work while practicing good stewardship of Seminary resources. Toward that goal, the trials and pilot projects listed here are designed to assist in library resource appraisal and purchasing decisions.

Database Trial

ON Scripture

ON Scripture ( is a weekly lectionary-based video resource focusing on social issues like Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Civil Rights, Immigration, Violence, and Health Care. These videos are accompanied by a short lesson, Bible study questions, and further suggested reading.

Streaming videos is free. If you would also like to download videos at no cost, please contact Jeremy Wallace for help registering.

Trial begins January 15, 2017 and ends February 15, 2017.

Jeremy Wallace

Collection Development Librarian


Recently Purchased

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers (Readex)

Contains more than 320 rare newspapers from over 30 states published between 1799 and 1900. It supports research of early American history, religious history, ethnic studies, abolitionism, Civil War, and gender studies.

Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library Non-Biblical Texts (Brill)

A comprehensive tool for the study of the non-biblical texts from the Judean Desert (the "Dead Sea Scrolls"). You can find high resolution images of the Non-Biblical Dead Sea Scroll fragments and all the texts, in the original languages and in translation, mainly reproducing the editions from the prestigious Discoveries in the Judaean Desert Series, often updated, with morphological analysis and search programs. You will be able to search content using a sophisticated inventory, and examine finer details of the original texts through search options and zoom possibilities for the images. Never before has such comprehensive information been available in one place.

Flavius Josephus Online (Brill)

Flavius Josephus, the first-century Jewish historian, is unquestionably among the most important writers from classical antiquity. The significance of the works of Josephus as sources for our understanding of biblical history and of the political history of Palestine under Roman rule, can scarcely be overestimated. This is the first comprehensive literary-historical online commentary on the works of Flavius Josephus in English including the Greek text by Niese from the late 19th century.

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible

The Hermeneia commentary series seeks to offer authoritative interpretation of the earliest texts of the biblical books and other literature closely related to the Bible. Hermeneia is designed for the serious student of the Bible. It makes full use of ancient Semitic and classical languages; at the same time, English translations of all comparative materials—Greek, Latin, Canaanite, or Akkadian—are supplied alongside the citation of the source in its original language. The aim is to provide the scholar with full critical discussion of each problem of interpretation and with the primary data upon which the discussion is based. Download/print chapters and search within the books.

Patrologia Orientalis Database (Brepolis)

A collection of patristic texts from the Christian East, including works, recorded in non-Latin languages, that come from geographical, cultural, or religious contexts somehow linked to Rome or the Eastern Roman Empire.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law (HeinOnline)*

This HeinOnline collection brings together a multitude of essential legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world. This includes every statute passed by every colony and state on slavery, every federal statute dealing with slavery, and all reported state and federal cases on slavery.

*The collection is free for anyone with an interest in the topic, but registration is required. The Library has registered for this free resource and is required to proxy access as for other subscriptions.

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