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Trials and Pilot Projects

Wright Library is dedicated to supporting the Seminary community's study, research, and teaching work while practicing good stewardship of Seminary resources. Toward that goal, the trials and pilot projects listed here are designed to assist in library resource appraisal and purchasing decisions.

Database Trial


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Hundreds of thousands of e-books for Princeton Seminary faculty, students and staff, plus booklists and other custom features on a Netflix-like platform. Registration required.

After you have registered, then you can use the link in the Databases A-Z list to login and return to the platform.

Trial ends July 20, 2023

Jeremy Wallace

Head of Collection, Research, and Engagement Strategies

Recently Purchased

Sabinet African Journals – Religion Collection (Sabinet Online Ltd.)

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Sabinet is the most comprehensive, searchable collection of full-text African electronic journals available on one platform. Access all titles contained in the Religion (excl. T&F) Collection as well as all open access titles.

Brill's Medieval Reference Library Online

graphics from Brill for Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles, Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage, and Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle combined into a single image

Brill's Medieval Reference Library Online includes:

  • Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
  • Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles
  • Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage
  • Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale) contains books, pamphlets and broadsides in a variety of subjects printed between 1701 and 1800, the vast majority of which are in English with several thousand in French or Latin, smaller numbers in Ancient Greek, German, Italian, Scots Gaelic, Spanish and Welsh, and a few in other languages.

ECCO is a digitization of the eighteenth-century section of the works catalogued in the English Short-title Catalogue (ESTC). The ESTC project has been recording all works published or printed in Britain, Ireland, territories under British colonial rule, and the United States.

Tillich Online (TILLO)

Tillich Online (De Gruyter), the first bilingual database of the entire work of German-American theologian Paul Tillich (1886–1965), documents the Gesammelte Werke (Collected Works) and the Ergänzungs- und Nachlassbände (Supplementary and Literary Estate Volumes).

Wright Library is pleased to offer alumni access to this resource as well.