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Spotlight on Temporarily Free Content

Apr 1, 2020

In addition to all the purchased content, we want to spotlight some of the things that are suddenly free to all from content providers.

Find more freely available resources by following the link below.

Authorized users, of course, may continue to access purchased resources as well. Follow the Databases A-Z link below for those.

Project MUSE Scholarly Content

"In response to the challenges created by the global public health crisis of COVID-19, Project MUSE is pleased to support its participating publishers in making scholarly content temporarily available for free..." Learn more

Internet Archive National Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has suspended "waitlists for the 1.4 million (and growing) books in our lending library by creating a National Emergency Library to serve the nation’s displaced learners. This suspension will run through June 30, 2020, or the end of the US national emergency, whichever is later, to meet students’ and readers’ needs while schools and libraries are closed at global scale." Learn more

Visiting the Virtual Library

Even though the building is closed and we find ourselves physically apart, the virtual library remains open. We're here for you!


Mar 30, 2020

This page will be updated to reflect the latest information on library services, and more information is available on the Seminary’s Alerts page

Updated 3/30/20

In order to promote the health of our students, employees, and the broader public, the Seminary moved to a state of partial closure Friday, March 20.

While the building remains closed, we’re still here for you in the virtual library!

During the closure, the book drop is closed. We ask that you hold onto your books. You can e-mail [email protected] to renew your books or ask further questions.

As a reminder, authorized Library users can connect to licensed (and open access) e-resources, including Research Guides, Summon and the Library Catalog, from any location with internet access. Visit the Library home page, Catalogs, About Library Databases, About Online Journals, or Resources for Everyone for more information.

Our thanks to all of our colleagues around the campus coordinating efforts in response to a challenging situation.

We strongly encourage our visitors to follow guidelines by the CDC to prevent the spread of the cold/flu and COVID-19, including staying at home, frequent hand-washing for at least 20 seconds and maintaining the recommended 6 feet guidance for social distancing when you must go out.

Be well.

Women's History Month: Selected Reading

Mar 1, 2020

Explore recommended titles, research databases, theses, links and more in celebration of Women's History Month.

Lenten Devotional 2020 and more

Feb 26, 2020

Explore a selected reading list, including the current and past years' Lenten Devotionals from Princeton Seminary.

You'll also find subject headings and other links for the season of Lent in this online guide.

Reminder: Special Collections is closed

Feb 3, 2020

Beginning November 25, 2019 and until further notice, Special Collections and Archives is closed to Princeton Theological Seminary faculty, students and staff and outside researchers, scholars and the public. All inquiries should be directed to the James Lenox Librarian.

Black History Month 2020

Feb 1, 2020

Browse a selection of books by Ruby Bridges, Austin Channing Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates, James H. Cone, Gregory C. Ellison II, Tamura Lomax, Darnell L. Moore, Cornel West and many others currently on display on the first floor Concourse near the New Books shelves.

More books can be found in the Black History Month curated bibliography online (link below) as well as throughout the library. The call numbers of these books, the names of their authors and the subject headings found in their library catalog records are all good entry points for further research.

The curated bibliography also contains links to research databases, such as the Oxford African American Studies Center; lectures, such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary; and other suggested reading, listening and viewing for Black History Month.

E-Book and Article level links

Jan 29, 2020

Recently, we discovered that many links in the library catalog and Summon were created for e-books that we do not actually have access to on the Project MUSE platform. Although we've taken the steps needed to fix the problem, the records/links will not disappear until early next week.

For the next several days, records for e-books that we do not have will continue to come back in Summon and library catalog searches. Apologies for this inconvenience.

We recommend looking for a print copy of the book, if you find that the e-version is not available.

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Article Level EBSCOhost Links

Also, there's a known "bug" in Summon with the links to articles on the EBSCOhost platform. When used from off-campus, these links go to the EBSCO login screen. The fix is slated to be implemented in the second quarter of 2020 (April-June).

Until then, here's what to do on the EBSCO login screen if you encounter it off-campus:

  1. Scroll down and click on the "OpenAthens Login" link.
  2. Use the box on the right to search for "princeton" on the OpenAthens page.
  3. Click on Princeton Theological Seminary Library.
  4. On the "Choose how to sign in" pop-up, click the first option (Please sign in with your seminary email).

Contact Us

In the meantime (and as always), please continue to speak up whenever you come across something that doesn't seem right. Thank you!

Contact the Discovery & Web Services Librarian

Library Hours

Jan 27, 2020

Welcome back! The library returns to regular term hours tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28:

  • 8am-11pm Monday-Thursday
  • 8am-6pm Friday
  • 9am-5pm Saturday
  • 3pm-11pm Sunday

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jan 17, 2020

Explore selected reading, local events and past and upcoming lectures honoring the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Note: Regular term hours resume January 28 and the library will be closed Monday, January 20, 2020.

Troubleshooting an access wrinkle

Dec 16, 2019

If you encounter a link in the library catalog that starts with, please remove that piece and the link should work. (Some of the links in Summon also have this problem, because Summon includes catalog records.)

For example, doesn't work.

But does work.

The work that we did over the weekend did not fix this problem, unfortunately.

We continue to work with the vendor to resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience.