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Library Code of Conduct

All those who use the Library and those who work in it as a place of employment share responsibility for creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment conducive to the Library as a place of welcome, meeting, study, and reflection. As such, we honor these guidelines:

  • Engage with others in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • Use facilities, computers, equipment, furniture, and resources with care.
  • Refrain from moving wired furniture. Move any other furniture with care so as not to damage floors or other surfaces.
  • Supervise closely any children brought to the Library.
  • Follow Library policies, including the Courtesy and Noise Policy and Food and Beverage Policy.
  • Use computers in accordance with policies posted on
  • Observe copyright restrictions and principles of fair use.
  • Respect designated library quiet zones by silencing your cell phones and avoiding conversation.
  • Avoid loud conversation and disruptive behavior.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including shirts and footwear.
  • Exit the Library immediately when prompted by closing hours, fire alarm, or other emergency announcements.

The Library reserves the right to deny admission to minors unless accompanied by an adult.

The Library reserves the right to ask persons not in compliance with these guidelines to leave the building. Repeat offenders may be subject to loss of library privileges.

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