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Introducing OpenAthens®

OpenAthens® is a single sign-on authentication service that enables access to subscription-based electronic resources both on and off campus. Before early November 2019, the Princeton Theological Seminary Library was using an older service called EZproxy® to accomplish this. OpenAthens replaces that service.

What do you have to do?

Update your bookmarks to library e-resources, if you have any.

What is the same?

Once you login to one subscription-based library resource via OpenAthens, you won’t need to log in again to use others, unless you close your browser. Authentication via an OpenAthens session lasts for 8 hours.

What is different?

Instead of logging in with your network ID (e.g. lib.web) and password, you will login with your email address (e.g. and password, just like students, staff and faculty do when using Microsoft Office 365.

In addition, on many publisher/provider platforms, you can now look for a login button, click it and use the “find your organization” box to search for Princeton Theological Seminary. After you select Princeton Theological Seminary, you’ll be prompted to login with your PTS email and password. If you are asked to select a federation when logging in, please select OpenAthens Federation.

Also, you will be prompted to login even when inside the library.

In order to provide access to library visitors more effectively, we are introducing a small intermediate step in the new login process. Thank you for your understanding.

Users with a Princeton Theological Seminary email address, please select "Please sign in with your seminary email" when prompted.

Alumni, if you have not yet contacted the IT Help Desk to request access to the resources available to alumni, please do so. You can find contact information and more details on the PTS Alumni page.

Visitors, please select "Sign in with an OpenAthens account" when prompted. The username and password can be found on the desktop background of the computers on the Library Concourse.

Screenshot of the "Choose how to sign in" window

Why did we change services?

Like EZproxy, OpenAthens offers single sign-on, integrated with Princeton Theological Seminary’s directory and authentication service, to access the library’s subscription-based content. End-users are able to access e-resources across service provider sites with just one login.

Not only that, OpenAthens is able to offer a more modern and secure method of access, which also helps the library gain better insight into resource use by specific user groups (students, alumni, etc.). Some other differences are described above.



Please note: OpenAthens is a “gateway” service to facilitate access to publisher content. It does not include any content of its own.

Based on Georgia Tech sample,