New Faculty Book: Divine Style

Feb 12, 2024

Divine style: Walt Whitman and the King James Bible by F.W. ("Chip") Dobbs-Allsopp is now available, on the shelf at Wright Library (PS3242.B5 D6 2024) and as an open access e-book online.

From the publisher:

"Utilising his wealth of expertise in this field, [Dobbs-Allsopp] constructs a compelling, erudite and methodical argument for the King James Bible’s importance in the evolution of Whitman’s style – from his signature long lines to the prevalence of parallelism and tendency towards parataxis in his works.

'Divine Style' focuses on Whitman’s output in the years preceding the release of his 1855 opus 'Leaves of Grass' through the general period of the book’s first three editions. In this, Dobbs-Allsopp’s exploration of the period is exhaustive – covering not just Leaves of Grass but recently recovered notebooks, newly digitised manuscripts and additions to the corpus, such as the novel 'Life and Adventures of Jack Engle'."

photo of the book on a table next to an open copy of the Holy Bible