Princeton Seminary history and #DigitalFridays

Aug 20, 2021

You might have known about The Princeton Seminary Bulletin and Koinonia, which are both academic journals in the extensive Princeton Theological Seminary Journals collection.

Did you know that beloved Princeton Seminary institutional publications like the Wineskin and inSpire are there, too?

Here's the list of those publications, which are full of Seminary history:

  • Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary (1859–1977)
  • Necrological Reports and Annual Proceedings of the Alumni Association (1875–1932)
  • Biographical Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary (published 1933–1955; covers 1815–1954)
  • The Princeton Seminarian (1950–1963; includes The Princeton Seminarian and The Seminarian; continued by Viewpoint and Wineskin)
  • The Spire (1951–1994; includes The Spire and The Princeton Spire)
  • Alumni/ae News (1960–1994; includes Alumni News and Alumni/ae News)
  • Viewpoint (1963–1983; continues The Seminarian; continued by Sitz im Leben)
  • Wineskin (1964–2006; continues The Seminarian)
  • Sitz im Leben (1983–1989; continues Viewpoint; continued by Testament)
  • Testament (1989–2012; continues Sitz im Leben)
  • inSpire (1995–2011; merges The Princeton Spire and Alumni/ae News)
Also, returning to The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, you can find all the issues from 1907 to 2017, including this one (which we're spotlighting for #DigitalFridays today on the Library's social media accounts) and articles from these publications in Theological Commons and Summon.

Titles not listed above include: Biblical Repertory (1825–1829), The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review (1830–1836), The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review (1837–1871), The Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review (1872–1877), The Princeton Review (1878–1884), The Presbyterian Review (1880–1889), The New Princeton Review (1886–1888), The Presbyterian and Reformed Review (1890–1902), The Princeton Theological Review (1903–1929), The Princeton Seminary Bulletin (1907–2017), Theology Today - hosted at Sage Journals - (1944–present), Koinonia: Princeton Theological Seminary Graduate Forum (1989–2011), and Studies in Reformed Theology and History (1993–2005).