Library Catalog Login


A brief demonstration of how to log in to the library catalog, Sierra (WebPAC), https://catalog.ptsem.edu

Video: (Running time: 00:01:35)


If you are already logged into one of our campus systems, such as Office 365, logging in to the library catalog is a seamless process.

Click on the Login and My Account link scroll [or tab] down to the PTS borrower link and click on it and you will be taken directly to your patron record.

You can modify your personal information, see what you have checked out and so on, without having to enter your credentials again.

If you have not yet logged into another campus system, there are just a couple more steps, which should look familiar. Click on Login and My Account. Click on the PTS Borrower link. And it may ask you to enter your e-mail address or give your window that looks like this [shows your email address, and then the next screen] and then give you a place to enter your password. And then you will see your patron record.

If you do not have an @ptsem.edu email address and you're a guest borrower, just use the second link on the My Account Login Options page. On this page you'll enter your last name, the barcode number from your borrowing card and your PIN that you've selected. If you haven't yet set up a PIN, just enter your last name and your barcode and click Submit and you'll get prompted to create one.

You can also access your library borrowing account through the new Self-Service Features in Summon.